Become a volunteer

By My Side is a free platform operated by trained volunteers to provide 24/7 emotional support via online text chat. When someone is going through a difficult time, having people like you by their side can make a real difference.

If you join us, you will receive free training and interact with our supportive community of compassionate volunteers and staff. This is a place for growth and improvement with guidance from our trained mentors.

There are 4 volunteer positions available now:
Listener: You will provide emotional support to people in need.
Community Manager: You will create content (posts, articles, video, or audio) and interact with the public on our social media accounts.
PR Manager: You will interact with other organizations to promote our emotional support platform and publicize our volunteer opportunities.
Community Ambassador: Interact with the community on our Discord server and host group discussions with members

If you are an adult who is fluent in English and you have a passion for community service, this is the perfect place for you. To start, we recommend committing to 2 or more hours per week. You will need a laptop or desktop computer (recommended), a smartphone, or a tablet.

If you think this is for you, we welcome you to join us! Click the “Apply” button below to start your application.

What Do Our Volunteers Say?

I have always had a passion for mental health and supporting others. I believe that this platform is a perfect combination of these two things and it makes it super easy to give back. 

There are countless people out there who have many internal struggles and have no one to turn to, or simply can’t afford professional counseling. This is why we are so focused on training to be the best possible listeners and give our time at no required fee. 

Active listening is not an easy job, but it is rewarding to hear that you were able to turn someone’s life around and help them get the motivation to keep going. Guidance from peers is also available and it makes me feel like I am a part of a family. Our generation is already relying on electronic devices so much, so spending a portion of that time helping someone who needs it is a great first step.


College student

Mental health is something I discovered when I was in a dark place. However, I was able to get out of my challenges with the support of the kindhearted people online. Through this experience, I was inspired to help others the same way. 

I believe that this platform is one of those ways. It provides a safe space for people to express themselves without being judged. Here, they are able to receive empathy and compassion from trained volunteers.

Through my volunteering experience, I learned about active listening skills, which, among many others, are vital in our service and everyday lives. I hope I can return the kindness that helped me to get here.

Chun Ling

Mental health enthusiast, Design architect