About Us

Our Service

By My Side is a text-based, emotional support platform created by a group of people who sincerely cares about mental health and giving back. We would like to provide a non-judgmental space to internet users around the world. Everyone can have the opportunity to get access to our free emotional support services.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to providing support in different languages. We understand that it may be easier for you to express yourself in your preferred language. Our goal is to expand the number of languages available on the platform once we have more listeners who are well-versed in various languages.

Our Mission

We are here to spread the gift of compassion. We would like to encourage people to express their emotions in a safe way and discover new perspectives on their situations. As compassionate listeners, we not only support others, but we also develop a mindset of self-compassion and self-awareness. With these qualities, we can better offer compassion to others.

Feeling judged by your family or peers can make it difficult to share your thoughts and feelings. At By My Side, you can have a private and compassionate conversation with a listener in a safe, non-judgmental space. This may make it easier for you to open up and share your thoughts without worrying about being judged.

Our Team

Yee Ling Cheung

Founder & CEO

Nur Irdina Lee Chun Ling

Volunteer Manager & Mentor & Community Manager 

Abyna Mandy

Community Manager & PR Manager


Community Manager

Wesly Jeanty

PR Manager

Oluwatofunmi Onabanjo

PR Manager