Self-Awareness in Relationships

April 22, 2023

Before we can have a healthy relationship with anybody else, we must first establish a solid connection with ourselves. Self-awareness is essential for comprehending that you, not your spouse or partner, are responsible for your own happiness. The more we feel compelled to concentrate on our partners, the more we must concentrate on ourselves and our own behaviors and ideas. This is accomplished by learning to train our attention on the present moment rather than the past or future.

So, how can self-awareness serve you? 

The capacity to detect and link our emotions, thoughts, values, beliefs, and behaviors is referred to as self-awareness. It can help us be consistent and focused on what has to be done. Self-awareness can help us with feeling secure, accepting ourselves, and relaxing when engaging with others. 

  • Self-awareness promotes empathy and clarity

Having greater empathy in our relationships, whether with our partners or with our friends and family, is always a wonderful thing. Self-awareness enables us to be much more understanding of ourselves and others, and it reduces our tendency to jump to conclusions. Being self-aware is all about being conscious of our goals and needs so that we may communicate them to others, which makes things easier for both ourselves and those in relationships with us. Simply put, self-awareness provides clarity, which any good relationship requires. So essentially, if you are not conscious of yourself and your feelings, you’ll likely feel bewildered about what you desire in a way that will be damaging in the long run.

  • Self-awareness helps us accept responsibility for our actions

When things go wrong, it’s easiest to put the blame on others. But that’s not the right thing to do if you’re the one in the wrong. However, when we lack self-awareness, we might fall into the trap of believing that we have done nothing wrong and that we are not to blame. If you can acknowledge your flaws and accept your mistakes, it will make being in a relationship much simpler, and it will help you move ahead in a healthy way in those relationships.

  • Self-awareness allows us to observe our responses

In the heat of the moment, people can often say things they don’t mean, even though both parties may be equally responsible in an argument. Here’s where self-awareness comes in: it helps us stand back from the situation and reflect on how we behaved and how we wish to communicate with one another.

  • Self-awareness allows us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses

Knowing our own talents and shortcomings may be highly beneficial. It not only enables us to approach jobs and difficulties with a better grasp of what traps to avoid, but it also helps us to successfully convey what you can contribute, which is vital for things like job interviews.

 According to Perth Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Self-awareness can be very beneficial, leading to not only stronger interpersonal relationships but also a better relationship with yourself. Practicing self-awareness encourages us to be more proactive in becoming the best version of ourselves. It boosts our decision-making skills, communication skills, and self-confidence. Self-awareness also improves compassion, allowing us to more clearly see things from the perspective of other people. 


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