Suicide Prevention Tips

September 16, 2023

Suicidal thoughts are a temporary phenomenon. There are several ways in which you can fight off negative feelings on your own.

Discussion with a friend or a relative your insecurities can help to get rid of the heavy burden of negative thoughts.

Protect yourself by getting rid of things that can harm you. Prepare a list of contacts for people you can contact in a case of an emergency.

Change the situation. spend time in an environment that evokes only positive emotions

Plan your daily routine in detail. You will be able to prevent bad thoughts, and it will be easier to control your condition since you are busy.

Nature walks raise the mood and improve the mental state in general. Half an hour a day spent outdoors will be enough to dispel negative thoughts.

Exercise isn’t just about positive emotions. Regular performance of the set of exercises for half an hour will allow you to be always in tune.

Give preference to things that bring you joy. In order to cope with negative thoughts it’s important to learn to feel happiness again, even if it is hard at the moment.

Set yourself a goal. Perhaps you once wanted to read a book, prepare a new dish, visit a museum or go on a trip, but you never did. Remember everything you dreamed of, write down your goals for the near future, and start acting now.

What is recommended to avoid?

Being alone is unbearable when the thought of committing suicide completely captures your mind. Spend time with a friend or family member. If you do not have this option, you can always contact the help line anonymously.

Toxic substances: alcohol/drugs. They prevent objective perception of events. A person becomes impulsive under the influence of toxic substances and can do something that is not peculiar to him.

Things that make you feel worse. If you want to overcome suicidal thoughts and get rid of them once and for all, you must stop doing those actions that cause apathy or frustration, contribute to the emergence of negative emotions.

Negative thoughts. The less you think about suicide, the more you have a chance to beat the depressive condition. You need to be distracted from negative thoughts. At least a short rest has a beneficial effect on your psyche.


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